GPR Services in Allen, TX

Allen, Texas has undergone an amazing amount of development. The City Planning Division reports that 30 percent of Allen’s land has been developed over the recent decades.

The problem is that Allen has a long history of developments that extend past the history of the city itself. Native Americans, for example, used parts of Allen for everything from communal living to burial sites. Similar situations make predicting what remains buried beneath the land next to impossible.

Further dangers can remain hidden under the ground. Sink holes, underground caves and man-made structures can all work to sabotage new construction. This could wreak havoc despite the amount of construction planned to occur in Allen during the next 14 years.

Ground penetrating radar is a new tool designed to eliminate the uncertainties associated with construction. It can effectively and reliably help to reclaim lost treasures or avoid potential construction dangers.

What is Ground-Penetrating Radar?

Ground-penetrating radar utilizes radar pulses to penetrate the ground. These pulses are reflected back to their origin depending on the density of the items they encounter, which in turn allows a computer to create a 2D or 3D image of the ground.

Without this technique, you would be forced to take your chances with what may reside beneath a construction project or carefully excavate the soil. Both of these options can be incredibly money- and time-consuming.

GPR services are also crucial in avoiding the pitfalls associated with everyday utility locating. This technique can accurately pinpoint buried utility lines that may lack a conductive material. This can save homeowners, business owners and construction companies money while reducing the possibility of potential hazards.

Just take a look below to learn more about our locating and inspection services in Allen, Texas.

  • Archaeological Site Assessment
  • Cemetery Mapping
  • Clearing for Borings / Monitoring Wells
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Concrete Inspection
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Private Utility Locating
  • Rebar and Post-Tension Cable Locating
  • Underground Storage Tank Locating
  • Void Detection
  • Excavation Planning

How Can You Use GPR Services in Allen, Texas?

GPR services exist in such a way that they are designed to offer both accurate and flexible services. They can do everything from quickly searching for the buried remains of a long-lost civilization to discovering hidden geological traps that could sabotage a construction project.

The uses of this technique become even more varied when you realize that it can be paired with infrared tomography. This allows for a heightened precision when using GPR inspection services, which in turn can minimize the chances of encountering any man-made obstacles.

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