Austin, TX

The city of Austin is the capital of Texas. It represents the place where the changes in local economies and governments become concrete, which in turn makes it a place for meeting and accomplishing great acts.

The importance of Austin can be seen in the way Austin is developing; New commercial and residential properties are in development to provide for the needs of residents. This represents amazing opportunities for everyone, which includes prospective land development businesses.

The problem is that Austin is a fairly old city. Landlines, burial sites and geological formations may reside beneath potential development sites. These features can cause problems, which in turn can put any construction project at risk.

Ground-penetrating radar stands as a reliable way to conduct everything from utility locating to finding subterranean geological formations. This can help to make construction projects proceed without the type of problems that could sabotage a project.

What is Ground-Penetrating Radar?

GPR services exist as a way to get a clear picture of what resides beneath the ground without digging it up. They work by sending radar beneath the ground, which in turn allows for “responses” to be received at different rates.

By examining the radar that comes back to the operator, a clear image of what is underground can be created. 2- and 3-D topographical images can be created that showcase metal and non-metal utilities, sinkholes and burial sites.

Wood Inspection Services, Inc. provides GPR services designed to show a clear image of subterranean constructions materials like plastic and metal, ancient burial sites, long-lost fossils and more. Our skill provides a more reliable picture to our customers in Austin, TX, which in turn makes our services the ones our customers prefer.

Just take a look below to learn more about our locating and inspection services in Austin, Texas.

  • Archaeological Site Assessment
  • Cemetery Mapping
  • Clearing for Borings / Monitoring Wells
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Concrete Inspection
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Private Utility Locating
  • Rebar and Post-Tension Cable Locating
  • Underground Storage Tank Locating
  • Void Detection
  • Excavation Planning

Why Opt for GPR Services in Austin?

Austin came into existence as the capital of the Republic of Texas in 1839. The land has been in use for an even longer time than that, which means that many secrets can remain buried beneath the ground in this marvelous Texas town.

These hidden features represent potential dangers to the future developments that could reside in Austin. Something as simple as a parking lot could become crippled due to defects and instabilities in the ground, which in turn could cause sinkholes capable of wrecking cars to form.

Worse problems could come for more involved and costly structures, which is why knowing what is beneath the ground is the first step to any reliable development.

Another reason to opt for GPR services revolves around the way it can avoid the need for repairing infrastructure. GPR can identify water and sewer lines, primary and secondary electrical lines and other infrastructure that may reside under the ground.

Know What’s Beneath Your Next Development in Austin

Before you strike the Earth, know what resides beneath you. GPR inspection services can help you identify potential problems that could hinder your development projects in Austin, TX.

Wood Inspection Services, Inc. has continually helped to facilitate safe and effective development in Texas with our GPR services. To learn more about our GPR services, or to schedule an appointment, Contact us by calling our office at 972-724-5550 or Emailing [email protected]