Cemetery Mapping


Cemetery Mapping

Older cemeteries in Texas have had the issue of lost records which indicate burial locations. Additionally, natural elements and vandalism have been known to impact the markings of many graves. This can leave cemetery associations with the uncomfortable situation of not knowing which plots are vacant. Since private cemetery association’s main source of revenue is from the sale of plots, mapping the cemetery can allow the association the ability to plan sales and future revenue possibilities, along with ensuring the sanctity of family’s remains.

We have a couple different options to assist cemetery’s in Texas. We can scan the cemetery two dimensionally and provide a flag locating unmarked graves or we can 3D the cemetery providing detail information on the property. Most of our customers choose to 2D the lot and just flag the vacant plots. I can honestly say that it’s very typical for us to find 50+ unmarked graves in the older Texas cemeteries. Mapping really can help to avoid uncomfortable situations which of course happen at very emotional times.



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