Frequently Asked Questions About Ground Penetration Radar

What Exactly Is A Ground Penetration Radar?

A ground penetration radar is a type of technology that uses radar pulses to create images of subsurfaces. It is also known as GPR, ground radar, georadar or ground probing radar.

How Does A Ground Penetration Radar Work?

The Ground Penetration Radar system is made up of a receiving antenna and a transmitting antenna. Electromagnetic waves from the transmitting antenna hit the ground, reflect off of the objects in the ground and then return back to the surface. The electromagnetic energy’s travel time is detected by the receiving antenna. This makes it possible for one to estimate the shape, depth and size of the object.

Can A Ground Penetration Radar Be Used In Water, Snow Or Ice?

A ground penetration radar can be used in fresh water. However, it cannot be used in places where salt water is present. It can also be used in snow and ice.

Is It Safe To Use A Ground Penetration Radar?

Many people wonder whether it is safe to use GPR equipment. The answer to that question is yes. Ground penetration radar may sound dangerous, but it is actually a safe technique. In fact, the radar only emits about one percent of the power that the average cell phone emits.

Will The Ground Penetration Radar Be Able To Tell What Type Of Utilities Are Underground?

People are able to identify the type of utility by tracing it. They are also able to identify features, such as control boxes, values and meters. However, if the technicians are not able to direct connect to the utility, then they may not be able to identify it.

Can One Use A Ground Penetration Radar To Locate A Grave Site?

Yes, you can use a ground penetration radar to locate both marked and unmarked graves. Keep in mind that you probably will not be able to see a skeleton. However, you will be able to see the area where the soil was dug up, or excavated.

Is It Difficult To Use GPR Equipment?

It can be difficult to use GPR equipment. That is why employees will have to be trained before they can use the equipment. Most people are familiar with how to use the equipment within two to three days. Training typically consists of a lecture and hands-on instruction. This ensures that people understand the basics of using GPR equipment and how to use it in real-life settings.

Can A Cell Phone Be Used Around GPR Equipment?

GPR equipment transmits and receives electromagnetic energy. That is why it is a good idea to turn off cell phones, pagers and two-way radios should not be used around a GPR. The electromagnetic radiation can interfere with the ground penetration radar signal. If one has to use these devices, then they should be kept at least 10 feet away from the GPR equipment.

Is It Possible To Find Gold With A Ground Penetration Radar?

Mining companies often use ground penetration radar. However, technology has not advanced enough to find buried treasure, coins and gold. It is better to use metal detectors if you want to find things like gold. Furthermore, it is important to review the federal and state laws before embarking on a treasure hunt.

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