Rebar and Post-Tension Cable Locating


Rebar and Post-Tension Cable Locating

Wood Inspection Services Inc can locate post tension cables in concrete. We have been locating PT Cables in concrete for years. Ground Penetrating Radar is an excellent tool to find the PT Cable location. Here are few examples showing post tension cables located inside concrete.

Post Tension Cables (PT Cables) are drawn tight with thousands of pounds of pressure. If these cables are cut, nicked or compromised, they can rip through the concrete and seriously injure someone.

Call today to have us mark and clear the area before you cut, core or drill.
Advantages Over X-Ray

  • Lower in cost
  • Only one side of a surface needs to be accessible in order to scan. ( so we can do slab on grade)
  • Set up time is nearly immediate.
  • Data is gathered very fast and results are produced immediately.
  • There is no risk of radiation with GPR., so there is no need to clear the area being scanned.
  • Any size area can be scanned without having to set up equipment again.
  • GPR. has the ability to scan hard to reach areas.
  • Thousands of square feet can be scanned in one day.
  • GPR can scan to a maximum depth of 30′.

All of our equipment is registered and meets all standard FCC regulations.

Ensure you do not damage the structure by cutting the Post Tension Cable or compromise the structure by cutting rebar!

Are you willing to risk not knowing where the Post Tension Cable is?

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