The Role of Ground Penetrating Radar in Forensic Investigations

In today’s world, technology plays a key role in helpingGround Penetrating Radar various law enforcement agencies solve crimes that years earlier may have left everyone with more questions than answers. Forensic science, an ever-evolving area of law enforcement, relies on many different forms of technology to help technicians collect evidence that will help solve even the most complex crime. One of the most innovative uses of technology in law enforcement today is ground-penetrating radar, which uses remote-sensing technology to provide non-invasive site investigation. Considered one of the most effective tools law enforcement has at its disposal, it is being used more and more in various types of cases.

One of the most useful ways ground penetrating radar is used by law enforcement involves locating unmarked graves. Many cases of missing persons often end with the victim being murdered and buried deep within forests, making them virtually impossible to locate. However, with ground penetrating radar police are now able to search vast areas of rough terrain in hopes of locating a gravesite. Thanks to this technology, many cases have been solved and criminals who otherwise may have gotten away with murder have been convicted and locked away.


Ground penetrating radar has also proven to be very useful to police and other agencies when working on drug-related cases. As drug dealers and distributors have gotten more creative in their efforts to hide narcotics, police have turned to ground penetrating radar as a way to help them locate large caches of marijuana, cocaine and many other illegal substances. Using tools that indicate the slightest changes below the ground’s surface, law enforcement personnel have been able to find large stashes of drugs intended for distribution, thus helping keep illegal drugs out of towns and cities throughout the United States.

Many criminals, especially street gangs, have large supplies of weapons they sell to other criminals or use themselves to commit robberies, murders and other criminal acts. Some gangs have very sophisticated ways of hiding their weapons, such as building underground bunkers or elaborate systems of underground tunnels. Very difficult to locate with the naked eye, they can be easily found with ground penetrating radar. Once police narrow down a search area, the radar can be used to located open areas underground, indicating the location of bunkers or tunnels. This allows not only weapons, drugs and stolen items to be found, but those committing the crimes as well.