A Sewer Line Leak Ruins Everyone’s Day

The stench of raw sewage and a mushy yard are easy to blame on a broken sewer line. But finding where the leak occurs is important for repair and replacement.

Most cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area are only responsible for sewer lines at the street or sidewalk. Your sewer line, winding through your home and under your yard to the street, likely never crosses your mind at all — until there is a costly leak.

While most building owners think of a plumber for sewer emergencies, a GPR contractor has more advanced equipment for underground mapping and leak detection.

Wood Inspection Services is a leading provider of Ground Penetrating Radar in North Texas. Our crew can locate sewer lines without breaking ground or cutting into a foundation. GPR is more comprehensive than a sewer camera inspection.

Is Ground Penetrating Radar Accurate?

The radar can pinpoint a sewer line within 6 inches. GPR also picks up any non-conductive materials that could make up sewer lines, including clay, HDPE pipes and PVC or plastic pipes. These same materials make sewer lines more susceptible to breaks and leaks over time and they are more likely to be used in newer home developments and construction.

Be aware of foundational shifts after earthquakes or major home renovations. These events can cause your home to move, which puts stress on the pipes, creating a leak.

If the ground in your yard is too saturated, GPR won’t work properly. Cutting the sewer line and waiting for the ground to dry before scanning is a last-resort measure.

So if you suspect a sewer line leak, it’s important to get it detected ASAP. If the damage indicates that you need a full sewer line replacement, you could face a bill of several thousand dollars.

Signs of a sewer line leak:

  • Drains clogging frequently
  • Damp spots in your yard
  • Smell of sewer gas inside or outside home

Our GPR technology gives us a specialized advantage in sewer line inspection. Our expert technicians can map out any anomalies in your sewer line and pinpoint exactly where the damage is.

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