FORENSIC Inspections

Forensic Inspections

Specialists around the world routinely rely on ground penetrating radar as a key tool for non-invasive site investigation. Whether the goal is site mapping or locating sensitive cultural resources for preservation or avoidance, WOOD Inspection Services, Inc. and GSSI Ground Radar technologies have been the tools of choice for over 35 years.

Ground penetrating radar is an effective tool for cemetery’s, law enforcement, or crime scene investigators locating unmarked graves or hidden objects. GPR has been instrumental worldwide in locating victims, hidden caches of weapons or evidence, and even helping to locate the remains of soldiers and civilians killed in war zones.

We have been engaged in many situations from locating victims to recovery of evidence. If you have a need call and talk to us. We will have many technologies to allow us to help where we can.

Forensic Investigations

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