5 Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar for Construction Projects

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is one of the most advantageous technological advancements that has developed in the recent years. It provides a non-destructive, robust and flexible approach to determining what is located where under the ground.

The challenge with this technology is that few people understand the benefits that it can bring. They may choose to rely on blueprints, schematics and other information that may have deviations from the physical locations of what is underground.

Let’s explore five of the biggest benefits of Ground penetrating radar.

1. No Need for Excavation

Before ground penetrating radar, engineers had two ways of establishing what was underground: they could use schematics, or they could excavate the ground.

The problem is that schematics may not include everything. There have been many cases where items like native burial grounds were present beneath a construction site, which in turn caused complications years later.

Excavation is costly, both in terms of money and time. Avoiding these costs is one thing GPR can do.

2. It Doesn’t Wake the Neighbors

Excavation has another major set of pitfalls: it creates pollution and noise. This can lead to everything from the loss of property value to lawsuits.

Ground penetrating radar is quiet, which in turn means that it neither disturbs people nor the soil. This is ideal for urban areas where the comfort of the surrounding people is a key to successful development.

3. It Works Almost Anywhere

GPR is so advanced that it can penetrate most materials with ease. This allows for accurate, detailed results that give a clear indication of exactly what is below a particular site.

This versatility allows it to be used almost anywhere.

4. Preventing Problems

Construction sites may have inherent problems such as loose soil or erosion-prone areas. By noticing these areas before construction begins by using GPR, you can avoid potential problems by planning to accurately prevent them.

This saves an incredible amount of money, both presently and in the future.

5. Only as Much Work as Necessary

Ground penetrating radar helps to notify companies of how much work they really need to do, which in turn allows for more accurate and profitable bids to take place. This increases the ROI on a particular area, which in turn increases the profitability of any project.

GPR is the Way of the Future

Ground penetrating radar is one of the most advanced technologies that people can use to provide a more accurate look at the composition of subterranean areas.

To learn more about Ground penetrating radar, or to see how it can improve your construction techniques, contact our office by calling 972-724-5550 today.

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