Benefits of Hiring a Professional Underground Utility Survey Company in Dallas

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Have you been having difficulty with your construction project because you’re worried about what’s underneath the ground? Doing an underground utility survey should never be overlooked, and these surveys can help prevent potential disasters lurking below the surface. Hiring a professional underground utility survey company in Dallas can be a game-changer for your next construction project. 

You might be asking yourself why you should consider hiring a professional for this type of task. Underground utility surveying requires an extensive skill set, specialized equipment, and experience to tackle the challenges that underground infrastructure can cause.

Outsourcing underground utility surveys to a professional company like ours at Wood Inspection Services ensures you’ll have greater peace of mind in avoiding potential hazards. We identify and document anything underground that can cause issues with your construction project. In this blog post, we’ll highlight more benefits associated with getting an underground utility survey in Dallas.

Accurate and Comprehensive Data Collection

Professional underground utility survey companies in Dallas use advanced technology and expertise to formulate detailed data about underground utilities. Our cutting-edge tools at Wood Inspection Services make sure every inch of the subsurface is analyzed so that no utility will go unnoticed. 

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

We use ground-penetrating radar to map out the subsurface with a high degree of accuracy. GPR systems work by emitting electromagnetic waves in the ground. These waves bounce back when they encounter any objects or boundaries, and this is where a detailed reflection profile is created.

After that, our team of skilled GPR technicians interprets these profiles to identify and map out underground utilities. GPR can detect many different types of utilities, such as:

  • Buried pipes
  • Cables
  • Conduits

GPR can penetrate many different types of soil and can accurately detect objects at different depths. Aside from construction projects, some of the different uses for GPR include:

  • Forensic inspections
  • Cemetery mapping
  • Underground inspections
  • Archaeological site assessment
  • Concrete inspections
  • Environmental surveys
  • Void detection
  • Rebar & post tension cable location

Enhanced Safety and Risk Mitigation

When you’re working on a construction project or in any of the above-related fields, safety is the most important thing to keep in mind. Companies need to take every possible step to avoid hazards that can occur, and professional underground utility survey companies in Dallas play a huge role in this regard. 

Mapping out underground utilities reduces the risk of accidental damages, and underground utility survey companies contribute to overall enhanced safety and risk mitigation. Accidentally damaging utilities can have huge consequences, including injuries, project delays, and expensive repairs. Getting an underground survey can prevent all of this from occurring. 

Cost and Time Savings

Construction projects are complex tasks that require a tremendous amount of planning, budgeting, and expertise. Getting an underground utility survey plays an essential role in accurately mapping out what’s underneath the earth’s surface before construction projects begin. Let’s take a closer look at how this service can help prevent delays and increased expenses.

Reduction in project delays: Unexpected underground utilities during the excavation process of a construction project can cause extensive delays. Teams will scramble to figure out what to do when they encounter underground utilities, and this can end up costing the company more resources and extended deadlines. A professional survey company ensures all of this is prevented before the issues even arise. Accurate utility mapping will identify conflicts and ensure the necessary adjustments are made in the construction plans.

Better planning: Utility mapping allows construction companies to optimize the planning and delivery of their projects. When utility mapping is included in the design phase of construction projects, they have more information to make better decisions regarding the placement of new infrastructure. With this amount of foresight, it reduces the need for costly and time-consuming modifications during the construction phase. As a result, projects will proceed according to schedule and budget.

Accurate excavation routes: Underground surveying also gives construction teams more information on how to map out their excavation routes. With more accurate excavation routes, it lowers the chances of potential utility repairs and service disruptions.

Regulatory Compliance and Permits

Construction projects need to abide by local guidelines and regulations. Underground utility companies have a wealth of information in navigating legal obligations that can sometimes be quite confusing. These companies assist construction projects in gaining the required permits that are used to guarantee seamless project progression while following all of the regulations. 

When construction companies begin a project, they require permits from local authorities before that project can begin. Permits aren’t simply handed out to any construction company that applies for them. A construction company that applies for a permit with detailed data on the existing infrastructure is more prone to obtaining the green light compared to one that doesn’t hire an underground utility surveying company. 

The permit application process can sometimes be a painstaking one for construction projects. By hiring an underground utility surveying company, it will be more streamlined, and it’ll also avoid any fines or penalties.

Seamless Project Coordination

There are a lot of moving parts involved in construction projects. Coordination and collaboration among everyone involved will increase the chances of successful outcomes. One of the key players to ensure seamless project coordination in construction projects is an underground utility surveying company. 

Being able to detect the location, depth, and types of utilities underground is a unique skill set. The complex data gathered on what’s underneath the surface needs to be translated into user-friendly formats so contractors can understand how to proceed. Without this information, contractors and project stakeholders will have no idea of where to begin the excavation process.

Clear utility maps and documentation are a perfect reference point for everyone involved in the construction project. With the information provided by the underground utility survey company, contractors can proceed with the layout and play of their activities.

Expertise and Experience

Professional underground utility survey companies use their knowledge and experience to interpret the data gathered from GPR scans. The information gathered from these scans is then provided to construction coordinators clearly and concisely. In addition to GPR scanning technology, underground utility survey companies also know a lot about geological formations, different types of soil, and other subsurface factors that play a role in the mapping of utilities.

Underground utility survey companies have experience in handling many different types of projects. They’ve dealt with small-scale residential developments to large-scale commercial complexes. This amount of experience allows them to adapt and conform to each project they’re doing.

Avoiding the DIY Pitfalls and Choosing Trustworthy Professionals

It might seem tempting to try a DIY approach to underground utility surveying, but it’s helping to take a closer look at the risks of it. Limited knowledge, using the wrong equipment, and safety hazards can end up creating more work for a construction project.

Limited knowledge: Underground utility surveying requires proper training and experience to do properly. Mapping out underground utilities incorrectly can result in disastrous consequences, and it’s not something you want to do wrong.

Safety hazards: DIY attempts at underground utility surveying can lead to severe accidents, including unintentional strikes to gas lines, water mains, and even electrical cables. These types of accidents can not only harm individuals working on the job but can also disrupt vital services.

Choose Professional Expertise for Dallas Underground Utility Surveys

When you’re starting a construction project, it’s important to hire a professional underground utility survey company. The expertise and knowledge they bring to the job make sure you’re compliant, safe, and ready to proceed to the next phase of the project without any hiccups.
Professional survey companies streamline construction projects and reduce the potential for disasters and other conflicts. Take the first step towards a successful construction project by contacting us at Wood Inspection Services. We’re ready to provide the professional assistance you need for reliable underground utility surveying in Dallas.

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